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Tucson OLC Soaring Challenge


The Tucson Soaring Club and OLC wish to invite pilots to participate in a soaring meet at El Tiro Gliderport this coming May. El Tiro Gliderport is located in a spectacular rural setting in the Ironwood National Monument and experiences soaring conditions amongst the best in the USA..

When: Friday May 22th to Sunday May 31st, 2020

Where: El Tiro Gliderport, Marana, Arizona (25 miles Northwest of Tucson, 100 miles south of Phoenix).

Goals: To encourage cross-country soaring by pilots of all skill levels in a non-competitive environment.

Format: Each day, there will be a morning meeting where cross-country soaring and safety will be discussed, followed by a weather briefing. Pilots will be free to set their own goals and tasks, depending on their skill level and weather conditions. Team flying will be encouraged and mentors will be on hand to assist low-time crosscountry pilots or those unfamiliar with the area. Observers will be on hand to assist with badge flights. A launch grid will be set up for pilots wishing to launch at the most popular times (11:30 AM to 1:00 PM) and it is expected that most will launch in this window. Towplanes will be available from immediately after the weather briefing (approximately 10:15 AM) for those wishing to launch early and until 3:00 PM for relights and late launches.

Eligibility: Participating pilots must have the minimum required qualifications and experience to fly cross-country. Sailplanes must be registered, possess a current and valid airworthiness certificate and have proof of insurance.

Costs: Non-members of Tucson Soaring Club are required to become guest members. Fees for guest members include a $50 one-time membership fee and a $5 daily fee for use of the field (this includes free camping or RV parking on the field). 2,000-foot tows are $50 and there is an additional daily fee of $5 for gliders filling with water ballast. Oxygen fill is $20. The clubhouse has solar power and generator power, but has to truck in water and bottled propane. Wifi provides high-speed Internet access at the clubhouse and over much of the field. Camping is permitted on the field and accommodation is available nearby.

Scoring:  All flight logs shall be uploaded by pilots daily to OLC. The Meet Committee will review all flights and give the following awards:

Flight of the Day:  This will be the flight that the committee considers worthy of recognition - not necessarily the highest scoring flight of the day, but a notable effort considering the skill and experience of the pilot and the handicap of the glider.

Flight of the Week:   The most notable Flight of the Day during the meet.

Top Flight:   The pilot with highest scoring flight of the week

OLC Champion:  The highest cumulative score of the best six flights of the meet

Team Award:  Best cumulative team score

Top Gun:  Fastest flight of the meet

Destination Award:  Best performance by a rookie cross-country pilot

Meet Committee Director: Randy Acree; Operations: Andrew Tubbiolo; Weather: Mike Stringfellow