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Membership and Costs

Under our standard membership club members pay monthly dues of $65.
Tows are $1.30/100ft. (Minimum tow cost - $13.00)

Club ships are available to members at no additional cost. We currently have 4 two place gliders (3 Grob 103s and a PW6), 3 single place gliders (1 ASW-19, 1 Std Cirrus, a PW5) aircraft available to members. We have 2 Pawnee tow planes.

Joining the club requires a $400 initiation fee, the first months dues of $65.00, and $72.00 for a one year membership in the Soaring Society of America. Family Memberships are available and cost $42.00 for each additional family member. Youth membership costs $32.50/mos and Student membership costs $32.50/mos. 

The Guest Member Program for private ship owners costs $50/Calendar year with tow fees of $50 to 2000 ft. and below, $1.50 for each addtional 100 ft above that.  SSA membership and proof of one million dollars in liability insurance are required. Guest members can not fly club aircraft.


Membership Categories and Costs:

Regular Membership:  Dues $65.00 mos, Initiation Fee $400.00, SSA Dues $72.00/yr

Family Membership:    Dues for additional family member $32.50/mos, SSA Dues $42.00/yr.

Student  Membership:  Dues: $32.50/mos, Initiation Fee $400.00, SSA Dues $42.00/yr.

Guest Membership:      Dues $50.00/Calendar year.
                                        Tows $50.00 to 2K ft. and $1.50 each additional 100 ft or portion thereof.


For more information about club membership and how to join, please send e-mail to membership@SoarTucson.org.


Not sure if Soaring or Membership is right for you ?  Then the take an

Orientation Flight & Brief Introduction to the Sport of Soaring

Cost $150.00.


To setup the Orientation Flight, you can contact

Paul Moffett at (520) 975-0406 or by e-mail at PaulMof@msn.com.

TuSC Inc. Mailing Address.

The Tucson Soaring Club, Inc.

PMB # C-26
1334 E. Chandler Blvd., Ste 5
Phoenix, AZ 85048-6264