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Membership Types and Costs


Regular membership club members pay the following:

  • Membership initiation fee: $400

   (the initiation fee is not a ‘deposit’, it is a non-refundable fee to join the club)


A Family Member can be added to Regular Membership (fees are per each family member added)

  • Only a Regular Member’s spouse or minor children (under age 18yr) are eligible to be Family Members
    • Once a child turns 18yr, they are no longer eligible for family membership.
  • Membership initiation fee: (none)
  • Monthly dues: $32.50/month
  • Soaring Society of America family member dues (membership is mandatory): $45.00/yr
    • See SSA website for Family Membership details and limitations.


Student/Minor Membership student club members pay the following: 

  • Membership initiation fee: $400

   (the initiation fee is not a ‘deposit’, it is a non-refundable fee to join the club)

  • Monthly dues: $32.50/month
  • Soaring Society of America dues (membership is mandatory):
    • Youth member 22yrs or younger: $42.00/yr
    • Full membership over 22yrs: 75/yr
  • To be eligible, a student/minor member must be enrolled full-time in Junior High School, High School, or Undergraduate College.
  • Any minor under 18yrs must have written consent of a parent or guardian to join the club.


Volunteer Club Duty is mandatory for Regular, Family, and Student/Minor members.  Duty assignments vary and each member must perform ½ day of duty each month.


Tow fees for Regular, Family, and Student Members: $1.30/100ft, minimum charge: $13.00


Guest Membership is available for visiting qualified glider pilots with their own glider:     

  • Membership initiation fee: (none)
  • Dues: $50.00/Calendar year (membership expires after Dec 31 each year)
  • Guest towing charge: $50.00 to 2K ft and $1.50 each additional 100ft
  • Must show proof of $1,000,000 (minimum) liability insurance coverage
  • Must be a current SSA member
  • Guests are limited to 5 periods of flying per year with no more than 5 consecutive days of flying in each period.
  • Guests do not have access to club gliders.


Club gliders are available to Regular, Family, and Student/Minor Members at no additional cost.     

  • We currently have 3 two place gliders (2 Grob 103s and a PW6), 2 single place gliders (ASW-19 and PW5) available to members. We have 2 Pawnee tow planes.


Joining the club requires TuSC Board of Directors approval and a payment of the initiation fee + first month’s dues ($465 for a Regular Member).

  • A new member must be a current member of the Soaring Society of America
  • Proof of membership with your SSA member number must be submitted within 30days of joining the club or you will be ineligible to participate in any club activities - including flying.
  • The club will handle renewal payments to SSA afterwards and charge you the rates above.

For more information about club membership and how to join, please send e-mail to:


Not sure if Soaring or Membership is right for you? 

Orientation Flight & Brief Introduction to the Sport of Soaring 

Cost: $150.00

To setup the Orientation Flight, contact Paul Moffett at (520) 975-0406 or e-mail at .



TuSC Inc. Mailing Address

The Tucson Soaring Club, Inc.
PMB # C-26
1334 E. Chandler Blvd., Ste 5
Phoenix, AZ 85048-6264