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Training and Instruction


Tucson Soaring Club has an extremely active instructional faculty. Unlike many flying clubs, where the onus is upon the student to find an instructor somewhere and then see if an airplane is available, TuSC’s Instructors make themselves available for assigned time slots as one of their “duties” as club members. Instructors are thus available for sign up every weekend morning and by appointment on Wednesday afternoons, simply by going to the Schedule Now website and signing up in one of the available time slots and also reserving a glider for the same time. There are 15 Certified Flight Instructors qualified to give dual instruction in gliders in the club, one is available virtually all the time.


In addition to having an active cadre of well-qualified Instructor pilots, we also enjoy a vibrant program of instruction, which has recently been extensively revamped to fit just about any area of interest and level of ability; from Student Pilots, to Aerobatic Competition and Cross Country Racing. TuSC has it all.


Pilot Ratings


At TuSC we have adopted something closely akin to an FAA Approved School (FAR Part 141), adapted for gliders. What we have done is to adopt a training curriculum with goals, methods and ‘stage checks’.. This way, when a student gets with the inevitable ‘next Instructor’, the instructors can glance at the student-carried Training Record and see where the student is in a standardized format. There is no need to start from scratch each lesson. The Phase Checks, administered by the Chief Instructor or the Standards/Evaluation Pilot show the next Instructor, where the student is in their training. Student training is available for brand-new student, never-been-in-an-airplane-before up through Certified Flight Instructor.  Flight Reviews are also available.