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Upcoming events.
by Ron Olson posted 01/31/2012





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Note to Club Members
by posted 08/03/2011


All Club Aircraft must be washed prior to the 1st flight of the day. Please bring your OWN CLEAN towels and a couple of water jugs. Plexus for canopy cleaning can be purchased at Avra Valley from the Skydive center or the FBO. Per the SOPs aircraft should have the leading edges and any other bug strikes washed upon putting the aircraft away for the day. Thanks!


Contact the Chief Flight Instructor if you have trouble finding a slot with a Duty Instructor and ask him to put on more Duty Instructor 2s. Also remember that students land primarily on 26L and that should also be the 1st choice for all of the 2 place ships. Solo students need to have an instructor on the ground when they launch. Just a reminder folks.

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